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Mary love

love is more thicker than forget

- e.e cummings


love is more thicker than forget

more thinner than recall

more seldom than a wave is wet

more frequent than to fail


it is more mad and moonly

and less it shall unbe

than all the sea which only

is deeper than the sea


love is less always than to win

less never than alive

less bigger than the least begin

less littler than forgive


it is most sane and sunly

and more it cannot die

than all the sky which only

is higher than the sky


 I used to be somewhat Grinch- like about this admittedly over-commercialized day of overspending on cards, flowers and candy.


Love is NOT sickly sweet, is what I knew then, and still know now. It is WORK darn it all, and sacrifice! 


 But I’ve softened quite a bit since my pre-marriage, pre-children days, precisely because I’ve invested so much of my time, blood, sweat and tears into this wacky and wonderful Sabourin family.  

My girl

 The bulk of our everyday love is indeed fraught with challenges, and chaos, and apologies. I’ve gotten my tail end kicked, most certainly, by the non-sparkly version of the love we experience most regularly… and I’m stronger for it.

Kids cards

So  it’s nice, very nice, to set aside a day in which we celebrate how far we’ve come together – how much we’ve grown. 


 It’s good to be reminded, as a wife and mother,  to express more, way more, than just disapproval or demands (Stuff needs to get done around here!  Do you hear me!?).



 It is exceedingly important to me you understand, my darlings, how  very, very, very thankful I am for you, how I delight in your creativity and  sense of humor, how proud I am to be your mom and your spouse,  that  you inspire me, that I enjoy spending time with you, that I love my life because you’re in it, that I love you – oh mercy, do I Love you, with all that I am.

Dr. who

  Today, let our love and devotion to one another be glittery and sugary and heart-shaped! Let us surrender to the sappiness.



We need that sometimes.

Daddy kiss