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Oh, I've been warm alright…for all the less than cozy reasons. The antibiotics have started to kick in, however, so I'm up from off the couch. Woo hoo! Anyway, I've got a variety of photos to share that represent warmth to me in one way or another. Let's just go on and get started…




My two girls are such snuggle bugs. I never had a sister so I so delight in watching them be a comfort and support to one another. Here are their feet. Prissy was reading a book to Mary under the afghan my grandmother knitted for me as a going away present when I left for college back in 1992. Little toes + nostalgic blanket = warmth in my book. 




My brother and sister-in-law recently got an espresso machine, which I must admit has been way fun for all of us. Paige makes a killer latte  - they are really, really good. They are really, really warm. For an extra special treat she creates designs in the frothy milk part, because… why not? 




My kids and their cousins stayed warm during a blustery snow storm this past week by playing a dance game on the Wii. Oh my goodness were they a hoot to watch! Your Christmas gift was definitely appreciated, Aunt Carrie!



  Love ben

It warmed my heart when I walked into the boys' room and saw this sweet note from my six-year-old to her older brother written with a window crayon.

* Note to self: wash your windows



I wanted to use this shot I took of a framed photo of Paige and her mom  because it demonstrates, to me anyway, the power of an image to evoke warm memories. And warm memories, in turn, evoke gratitude. Gratitude conquers discontentment. Therefore photography is exceedingly important. Well now, I  feel way better about obsessively taking so many photos…and reading about taking photos…and thinking about taking photos…! : ) 




Here is my husband by a fire. The fire is warm. My husband is warm when I cuddle up next to him. That pretty much sums it up.



  Icon corner

And last, but so, so not least, is this, my favorite photo of all. Being such a visual person,  icons capture my attention away from the trivial fluff and banality my eyes are exposed to on an every day basis. They draw me into a deeper reality, into eternity, into prayer. Prayer corners warm my soul. 


Do you have a reflection on warmth you'd like to share? I'd love to see it! Please leave your site address in the comment section below. Next week's The Way I See It theme will be:  A Different Point of View


Peace and warmth to you!