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Prissy 2


If you were to kind enough to sit for me while I took your portrait, you'd have to be pretty patient. Just ask my accommodating father, who, bless his heart, let out nary a groan  while I fiddled endlessly with my camera settings, fussed about the available light and hmmmed and hawed over the composition. How could I best reflect in an image my respect for this man I so look up to? How could a photograph tell a story about who he is and what he does? I still have to think these things through. They don't quite yet come automatically to me. 



Dad 2



As one who prefers to photograph rather than be photographed, I understand completely how vulnerable it can feel to be staring down a camera lens. It means the world to me when a loved one allows me the privilege of capturing them with my Nikon. 



Paige 2

Paige, my sister-in law


I really need the practice for one thing. The best way for me to learn what works and doesn't work is by doing. I can only get so far by studying books and tutorials. 







Janie, my niece


Also, I have this dream of one day filling a wall in my home with white matted frames containing portraits of all my friends and family. Oh, that would make me happy and thankful to look at every day! 


Mom 2



It would be for me a wall of comfort, encouragement and inspiration. A gallery of blessings.



Carrie 3

Carrie, sister-in-law


Oh yes, I'd remember while looking at the faces of those who have been so merciful and selfless in their support of me, Love is what matters. 


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