Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Reflections | 8 comments

I adore brown. Brown is more flattering on my pale skin tone than black. Brown is the color of coffee, chocolate and the birthmark on my oldest son’s knee.  Brown is earthy and humble. 

It was rainy and overcast when I took these photos. The cool light gave the browns I chose to capture an unexpected purple-ish quality. I wasn’t sure I liked it at first, me being so naturally drawn to warmer hues and all, but it’s growing on me now, a day later. It’s good to shake things up sometimes artistically.

And now I’m off to hug my babies, count my blessings and pray for mercy in response to the horrific news splashed morosely across my computer’s homepage. Random violence is utterly dumbfounding to me. It shook me awake, that’s for certain. What else can I do in the face of such evil but arm myself with love and gratitude?

May we all be at peace, and be peace to others, this weekend.

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