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St nick 1



Come, St. Nicholas! Restore unto me the joy of giving and of anticipating Christ's birth!


St nick 3


Tis' the season for getting easily swept up into the mayhem of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, early bird sales… into the fuss and expense of more stuffity stuff stuff. Oh Target, why do you taunt me so with your aisles full of tantalizing trinkets and prettys and shiny electronics? 


St nick 2


I'm awfully darn hungry for some substance – for Truth I can sink my teeth into. Like this, which we sang at vespers tonight:

O good and faithful worker in the vineyard of Christ,
you endured the hardships of daily labors;
you did not complain of those who worked less than you.
You increased the talent given you.
Therefore, the gates of heaven opened to you, and now you share in the joy of the Lord.
O holy Nicholas, pray for us!



St nick 4



Pray that I too might become more generous, industrious,  humble, joy-filled, more aware of the needs around me this Advent, our Beloved St. Nicholas. 



St nick 5


Thank you for your example. 


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