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Birthday 1

Who knew my arms were simply aching for a little boy they could hold?

Who knew a new unwritten chapter of my life would soon unfold?

Who knew the heavens were smiling on me,

that an angel they would send?

Who knew the joy that was awaiting,

in you, my gentle Ben? 


Birthday 2


Well I've seen heartache, I've seen sorrow,

I've seen a world that's cold and numb,

but in your eyes I see salvation,

a promise of the Light to come.



Birthday 3


O gentle Ben, my sweet surprise,

I hope you one day realize,

the gift you are, the hope you bring,

the song you've made my heart to sing.

(a love song to my newborn, Benjamin – 10/02) 


This morning at the parent teacher conference,  Mrs. S told me you are fully engaged in all classroom activities, which I'm pretty sure means that you're the type of kid who stands up and waves his hand frantically in the air while yelling, "Oooh! Ooooh! I know! I know!" before the question has even fully exited your teacher's lips.  I love that you wake up happy and alert. I love that you spiked your own hair for picture day. I love that when I volunteered in your classroom, I saw you (absentmindedly) gently tighten the falling loose ponytail of the little girl sitting in front of you. I love that you are growing and maturing within your own distinct time frame. You inspire, bless, exhaust me. 


Happy Birthday, Ben. I adore you.