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It's 12:45 pm and I'm still wearing what I slept in. Thus far my Monday has consisted of laundry. Period. Those nasty cobwebs taunting me from the corners, where they 've brazenly gathered to advertise like flashing billboards all I don't have to offer (domestically speaking), must be ignored. And the upstairs bathroom with the mildewing towel smell?  Oh good grief, don't even get me started.

No, today is laundry day. Laundry only. I can't trust myself to multi-task. For me multi-tasking too often ends up with yours truly searching for bargains in the overstock section at How could that possibly happen, you ask?

Mmmm-hmmmm. Exactly.


Anyway, I was shoving t-shirts into the boys' dressers when I looked down and found a bright blue sheet of paper at my feet on which was typed the following:

Live each day with care…

as if it were your last on earth,

and with anticipation…

as if it were the first one of the rest of your life.



I have no idea where the paper with the quote came from, and sure, it's a bit corny – like slap it on a poster and hang it in a conference room corny – but nonetheless it felt to this grumbly mom like a much needed mid-afternoon pep talk:

You've still got hours to go until this September 26th, 2011 passes on, never to return again;  make them count. Even laundry (and jammie) only days can be infused with purpose and meaning. Pray for your friends/neighbors/family while folding those leggings. Pray for your enemies. Prepare yourself for the evening rush of dinner/homework/bedtime. Quiet your soul. Implore God now for patience. You're going to need it.

Count your blessings. 


And, ahhh, there's the annoying as heck dryer timer! errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I'm off, my friends, to replenish our clean underwear supply,  hopefully a little more mindful now of my, yours, our salvation.

 Peace to you.