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The fanciest part of our weekend were watermelon martinis (both kid and adult versions). Troy’s sister, Carrie, came from Chicago bearing fancy recipes with fancy ingredients. Carrie makes everything fancy, and we adore her for it.

“We” (as in my dad and husband) also painted our ceilings. See, a month or so ago, I flooded the upstairs utility sink in the laundry room and water poured down through light fixtures and the smoke alarm, which screamed at me for half an hour, leaving unsightly water stains. That was kind of a miserable day actually, but now it’s over and the ceilings are white again. This week we will start adding COLOR to our walls. 

I like greens and blues and sunny tangerine. 

My brother and his family were over, of course. They live on the other side of our sub-division and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. His kids and my kids come and go between our house and their house all day, every day. This makes me feel rooted. 

We laugh a lot. It’s good for my soul. 

And soccer season is back. This year Troy is helping coach.  After Liturgy we hurried to Crown Point where the game was taking place. The venue was niiiiice – real astro turf and stadium seating. Once again, we were fancy. Even the rain couldn’t dampen our fanciness. Priscilla’s team tied. She played her heart out.

And now there are uniforms to wash, lunches to pack, school papers to print and sign, baths to be given…and dinner, don’t forget dinner! I know you are busy as well. And maybe a little overwhelmed like I am? Hows about we get a piece of paper and write down the to-dos we’re afraid of forgetting then take on, mentally, physically and emotionally, just one thing at a time, all the while praying for the patience to do so with gratitude. I like imagining we’re tackling this evening together, as a community – finding significance in it. This too makes me feel rooted. 

Work hard, love hard, sleep hard. Tomorrow’s a brand new beginning!