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Em flowers



"Hey Mom, there's a bird in our house!" Mary told me last night. 



Em berries


I walked with her into the living room…

and there … flying frantically… all over the place…

was not a sparrow, robin , cardinal, blue jay, but a…



Em posters


Now this is not the first time we've had issues with bats. We paid a lot of good money once to a man in a van with some type of concrete rodent  protruding from its hood to "bat-proof" this old house. I've run into them in our basement, which was creepy enough, but never in our living area. 

I felt my stomach twisting into double, then triple knots. And, Oh geesh, Troy was with Priscilla at a soccer game. Good old Elijah, however, my twelve-year-old, really stepped up to the plate like a manly man and chased that bat into the kitchen with a broom. Ben ran into our garage. Mary screamed (I admit to having done a good deal of shrieking myself ). Finally we got it through the door and watched with relief as it flew into the trees.

Em naturals


I'm posting photos I took recently of things that look pretty, smell pretty, taste pretty – things regularly featured at our weekly European Market – to counteract the image in my head of batty beady eyes and batty ears and batty teeth. I'm for sure adding all of these bat encounters to my "Things I've Survived as a Mother" list.


When life gets overwhelming, I like to look back on all I've successfully endured thus far – on all that hasn't killed me (thus making me more resilient and, I pray, more compassionate), such as:


horrendous temper tantrums thrown in public by my toddlers

emergency room visits

my husband in grad school

my husband at a six week job training out of state 

being vomited on more times than I can count

losing Priscilla at IKEA when she was three weeks old (ooh, that was a bad one)

Benjamin falling out a two story window

claustrophobia, exhaustion, anxiety 

really picky eaters

etc., etc., etc.


These are my badges, friends – badges of courage. I know you've got hundreds as well. Go on now…pin 'em on! Just think about how far you've come! 

I salute you.