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Circus 10


Well, look what fancy thing came to our little town!


Circus 1


A one ring circus complete with elephant rides, greasy treats and kitschy souveniers swept in all amazingly fast, setting up at the park across the street from my parents' house, and vanished just as quick the very next morning.


Circus 2



Circus 11




Circus 4



To be honest, I wasn't expecting much and prepared myself as I sat down on a hard metal bench in a steamy overcrowded tent to grit my teeth and just get through it (the noise, the cheesy acts), for the sake of my children. 



Circus 6








Circus 12




Circus 5


I'll tell you what, though… those performers blew us all away! They had some crazy mad acrobatic, fire eating, juggling, rope spinning, you name it, skills! I was fascinated by them. Who are these talented people living in trailers and traveling like gypsies?


Circus 9


After the show was over, our little girls ran excitedly back to mom and dad's to start cartwheeling and somersaulting – to pretend they too were wearing sequined leotards and wowing spectators with their daring and graceful feats of bravery:


Circus 20


Farewell,  you "one night only" magical source of timeless enchantment!



Circus 16


And now back to our regularly scheduled work week.