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Morning birthday breakfast
My birthday breakfast


Look, I've even got an official name for our weekly photo prompt: The Way I See It! I enjoyed this challenge. This week my mornings were busy, busy, busy, what with school starting and all. We had some really great mornings and some less than great mornings. Mornings can bring out the best and worst in me. 


Morning lunches
Four school lunches packed and ready to go


I long with all my heart to give my family a peaceful start to their morning. I am most satisfied as a mama when I feel I've fed them physically and spiritually. That is my job – to create and maintain within our home an omnipresent sense of security. I'm most content in general when I've sent them off, to work and to their individual classrooms, with their proverbial emotional buckets full. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail, big time. 


Morning uniform

My girls lay out their school clothes the night before. 

Mornings are when I'm most vulnerable to eruptions (Look out, she's going to b-l-o-w!). I'm human – my patience gets stripped when I'm taking on a million things at once and there is bickering and lost gym shoes and forgotten homework assignments jabbing me relentlessly in the head. 


Morning braid

I love Priscilla in braids.  

Oh those breakdowns are so humbling, but keep on keeping on I must. And apologize I must. I'm so sorry I lost it, I've had to tell my children this week in the van, catching each of their eyes in the rearview mirror,  on the way to school. Have a fantastic day, my darlings! I'll be praying for you!


I'm always starting over. 


Morning coffee
My love with his morning coffee. 


They're so forgiving, my children. They are hungry to forgive – to erase the yuck parts and embrace the fresh starts. I am thankful as all get out that God's mercies are new every single morning! 


Now, let's see what you came up with! I'm super excited! My ground rules here are simply to keep it clean always and to be supportive of one another's work. Click on the different participating blogs if you get a moment and leave an encouraging comment! Thank you, thank you in advance for sharing a bit of your unique perspective with us.


Next week's The Way I See It challenge will be: Home. Feel free to think outside the box! What defines home for you? What makes you feel at home,  even when you are away from your brick and mortar home or the hometown you grew up in?  

Happy picture taking!