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Fair 1




Fair 2




Fair 3




Fair 4




Fair 10




Fair 9




Fair 11


Someone  wasn’t quite big enough to go on all the rides. 







Fair 23





Fair 5




Fair 6




Fair 20




Fair 8




Fair 13




Fair 12



 Some. Pig.

Yes, of course the pig’s name was Wilbur.



Fair 14




Fair 17




Fair 16




Fair 25 




Fair 18





Fair 21




Fair 24




Fair 15




Fair 26



Fair 19


Fairs, I discovered this weekend, are hot and sticky. They smell like sugar, grease and manure. Fairs can lure all kinds of cash from your wallet. Fairs are loud. Fairs are crowded. Watching your kids have an absolute blast, however, is way awesome. And they did, have an absolute blast that is. My kids loved the rides, the farm animals, the presentations, the treats. Troy and I loved that they loved the county fair – that we didn’t have to travel far to make sweet summer memories.

That being said,  I am officially all fair-ed out … until next year.