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Are your eyes open

39 of 365 

Only a stomach that rarely feels hungry scorns common things.  ~Horace


I came across the above quote this morning and it shook me by the shoulders:  


Wake up girl, you've been sleepwalking!  

Huh? What? I couldn't hear you, or see you, or digest you – I've been wandering aimlessly through a flustered daze.

Yesterday, as you know, I was lamenting that loss of productivity oft associated with these long and unorganized days of summer. Grrrrrrr, is how I commonly react to the mess, the bickering, the slow-pokiness, to my days not measuring up to my expectations.

Oh whoa is me. 

A little perspective is in order. Yes, I lost mine momentarily – it happens to the best of us. It happens every time I avert my gaze from the prize, the pearl of great price, from Christ, from my blessings – when I focus in on myself.

That's the cold hard truth in a nutshell.

I find it's most effective, when pursuing a renewal of gratitude and selflessness, to start with the basics:

I'm thankful for food to eat, for a roof over my head, for my family, for being loved.


A deliberate quest for gratitude and selflessness, involving the conscious opening of my eyes and ears and heart to the trials others are enduring, and to the mystical beauty woven throughout my own existence, can be awfully darn curative. 

O.K. I'm starting over again (for the 164,000th time). I'm standing back up and taking a step forward, in 3…2…1…