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 It started out pleasantly on Friday, when we babysat our nieces and all the kids stayed up late playing freeze tag, climbing trees and catching fireflies. 


Coffee creek



I awoke the next morning to spectacular weather – mild sunny weather beckoning us outside ("Leave those dishes unwashed," it called out to me).  


Travel mug



We walked downtown, past the park where a huge turtle caught our attention, and on to our local European Market. 






 Priscilla and I loaded our wagon with bags of red peppers, yellow tomatoes, romaine lettuce and nectarines. 



Mom and girls

 (Me and my girls






And then for lunch made a colorful and scrumptious salad.


At this point, however, I must pause and insert the yucky part, the ridiculous part, of my weekend. See, shortly after our light meal, I took our youngest son to a birthday party. "Well, lookie here," I thought, "I have like three and half hours to kill before I need to pick him up." Thus a knee jerk decision was made to embark on a 45 minute drive to Costco. My youngest daughter, Mary, napped on the way and once we got there, the two of us had a fabulous time filling our gigantic cart with gigantic packages of brown rice, pretzels, paper towels, etc. She ate her weight in samples ("examples" she calls them) of pizza, bean burritos, kettle chips, and italian ice. How satisfied I was to know our big monthly shopping trip was being taken care of ahead of schedule. I'd have the rest of that afternoon to put those groceries away and get going on the laundry (laundry, laundry, never-ending laundry). 

Still pleased with myself, I started loading our purchases on to the conveyer belt. It was check out time.      Check    out     time.         Oh good grief, it was check out time and I just remembered you can only use a debit card at Costco. Guess who doesn't actually know her debit card pin number? Yup, that's right….it's meeeee! I should know it – of course I should know it! I mean, really, who carries around a debit card without knowing their pin number?! Suddenly, there I was, face to face with the harried cashier, my stomach in knots, a long line behind me. And ya'll, I'd gotten a lot of groceries. That cart was f-u-l-l.

"There's no way you could run this as credit, right?" I asked sheepishly, knowing already she could not. "Ummm, no." She answered abruptly. Of course our bank was closed, so they couldn't help me if I called them. And Troy has his pin number memorized (He's very responsible like that)  but not mine. So I nervously tried to guess my pin number…once…twice…three times. You only get three times to guess it turns out before they assume you probably stole that card. "Can you at least write a check?" she asked. Everyone in line behind me was hoping I'd please write a check and MOVE ON ALREADY! 


Guess who didn't bring her checkbook? 

I only teared up a tiny bit when I had to leave the store empty handed. "Where's our stuff, mama?" asked Mary. When I explained they were kindly storing our groceries in their cooler while we drove 45 minutes back home to get a check, she didn't bat an eye. And when we finally arrived at our house (I arranged for my dad to pick up Benjamin from his party) and my husband too wondered where our "stuff" was, I gave him a look that communicated wordlessly "PLEASE DON'T ASK! Okaaaay?!" He didn't. What a sweetheart! He kissed me empathetically and went on to his soccer game. The kids and I headed back to Costco. 

By 7:00 pm that night, my "quick" shopping excursion was finally over. 


Pool glasses copy


Sunday, after Divine Liturgy, a beautiful Divine Liturgy as always, we all changed into our swim suits and headed to the YMCA. The kids swam for a good long time in the frigid water while Troy and I read, and reminded Mary every other minute to walk instead of run around the pool.  It was a relaxing way to close down the weekend. 



Pool feet 



Ahhh, a brand new week lies before me. Here's to family outings, learning from my mistakes, and how to roll with it when life tosses me a curveball!


A peaceful Monday to you!