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Impromptu nap

36 of 365

Two months ago, summer day camp and soccer camp seemed like great ideas! I filled out the registration paper work lickety split and rested easy knowing when June came around, my kids would have plenty of fun, outdoors-ey things to do. For some reason, it hadn't dawned on me that those two camps would overlap, but they did, they have, and this week we were busy as heck getting my middle two to day camp in the mornings, then driving Priscilla to soccer camp in the evenings, plus added in there were YMCA classes, library classes, book club, play dates, drama practice and my husband's soccer practice. Whew!

Yesterday, we stopped by our house for an hour or so, before having to run out the door again, and immediately Mary plopped herself down on our living arm chair, snuggled up with her stuffed bunny and promptly fell asleep. She looked so peaceful and relaxed, I was tempted to join her.

Next week things should definitely slow down some…probably….maybe. Oh who am I kidding? : )