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The kids are on fall break. Yesterday was unseasonably bright, and warm. We invited my nieces to come to the zoo with us. We wanted to experience it through two-year-old Annie’s eyes – our own eyes having grown a little callous to the wonders of  zebra stripes and neon bird feathers. Her face was bright, and her belly laugh deep, as she fed goats from her hand and lead us from one animal exhibit to the next saying, “I show you! I show you!” 


And speaking of bright, and by bright I mean exuberant, energetic, vibrant, my youngest son turned ten yesterday, the day we soaked up the last bits of summerish sunlight by strolling the Halloween themed zoo grounds. He loved the zoo, like he loves the art museum, the library, the YMCA, the grocery store; everything, and everyone, is his favorite. “For my birthday,” he told me, “I just want God to let me live a long and peaceful life…well, that and an iPod Shuffle.”


Have a bright and hope-filled weekend! Share the bright, be the bright, dwell in the bright


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