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meatfare sunday

Don't worry, we left a big old tip.


Well, it's quiet here, after a weekend of visitors - two full days of non-stop eating, playing, laughing and conversing. My youngest son cried when we walked into our empty house. "I can still hear their voices," he whimpered. "I miss them already." 

Oh, I do too.

It's time to take things down a notch.  Great Lent is coming. Tonight, on this Sunday of the Last Judgement, I am dwelling on this (from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America website):

Another theme of this Sunday is that of love. When Christ comes to judge us, what will be the criterion of His judgment? The parable of the Last Judgment answers: love—not a mere humanitarian concern for abstract justice and the anonymous “poor,” but concrete and personal love for the human person—the specific persons that we encounter each day in our lives.

Love (not the "idea" of love, but rather the aforementioned messy, inconvenient, concrete and personal kind). Salvation (I fall down then get up then fall down and get up). I dare say (again and again and again…and yet again) nothing else matters.