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Family photo 

Mary’s godparents, the Lamberts, moved to Michigan recently and this past weekend we finally got the chance to visit their warm and welcoming, crazy cool and cozy, spacious and spectacular home in the woods. Greg and Marian exude kindness and hospitality. They pursue love and beauty by going out of their way to maintain the ties they’ve created with old friends and, as thoughtful and available neighbors and parish parishioners, remain always open to the forming of new ones.

 Their walls are covered with artfully framed and hung photos of family members, godchildren, their adorable three month old grandaughter, those many friends I referred to above and, best of all, with original paintings birthed by Marian, herself. Really awesome paintings.  Marian has a little studio now where she can paint away amidst the most breathtaking views of nature-y stuff. I’m so happy for her – that she’s carved out in this stage of her life an oasis of creativity. Father Thomas Hopko’s twenty-first maxim for spiritual living is: “Have a healthy, wholesome hobby. Have something where you exercise your brain just for the pure joy of it.”  Marian’s wholesome hobby inspires me to keep playing around, just for the pure joy of it, with my camera. Yes, my time with the Lamberts inspired me on  many levels. I hope Troy and I grow up to be very much like them.