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My niece Jane is in-between  - in-between a big sister and a little sister, in-between loud, expressive cousins who can outtalk, outshout, out-silly her. She is soft, like cotton, and doe-eyed, and always, always says, “please” and “thank you.” I was just thinking how she is more of a mystery to me than my other children and nieces, who are of the  heart on sleeve, open book variety. “Janie,” I asked her yesterday, “can I take your picture?”  


“Sure,” she said, of course. And thus was born my latest photo session, of Jane, just Jane, not sandwiched between siblings, or cousins, or classmates, but Jane alone, all sunshine-y and wonderful. This is exactly why I’ve fallen in love with portraiture. It is pretty darn lovely to pause for a moment from obsessing over myself and take in the internal beauty of a friend, a family member, a neighbor – to try and capture the essence of that distinct beauty in a image to save and cherish. 


I hadn’t realized how long Jane’s hair had gotten, or how her face had started to thin out and lose its baby girl chub cheeks. I asked her questions while I photographed her, about kindergarten, Thanksgiving and such. We laughed when she made funny expressions and got dizzy from spinning around. We told my youngest son to “beat it” when he attempted to photo bomb her Janie-only shoot with his two-fingered bunny ears. It was a sweet thirty minutes of bonding time. Click HERE to see the all-Jane, only-Jane portrait session in its entirety! And “like” that Facebook page for more updates on my Sabourin Photography business


Have a peaceful weekend, and a Blessed Navity Fast to my Orthodox brothers and sisters!



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