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I remembered myself as being a much better bowler than I actually am. “If I beat you,” asked my youngest son, “can I stay up twenty minutes later tonight?”

“Sure thing,” I agreed cockily, and then proceeded to dish out all manner of good natured trash talk, which my kids balked at because they know me too well. Having played catch, four-square, Wii Tennis and badmitton with me in the past, they were pretty confident I was grossly over estimating my coordination skills.


It was our third day at our in-laws house, after having celebrated Thanksgiving with many, many beloved siblings, cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles, that we decided on this family “just for fun” outing. By then I’d finally detoxed enough from my self-inflicted go-go-go-ness, that had had me frazzled and easily irritated five days prior, to be ok with the allowance of a little spontaneity. 

This new stage of my life, and new business venture, is proving to be equal parts exciting and challenging – challenging particularly in the area of time management. I love the work, adore the work, but need to learn how to work not  harder, but smarter. I can see now how very easy it is when working from home to never, ever stop working. It takes discipline to leave a task half-way finished so that dinner can be started, laundry folded, my family enjoyed. 

As always, this Nativity Fast has come at the perfect time, lest I add to my already overly preoccupied soul the pressure to shop, spend, and heap upon myself the stress of feeling ever behind in my holiday planning. Now is when I need to express gratitude for my blessings – including, of course, and most importantly the Incarnation I’m to be preparing for, my loved ones, and this incredible opportunity to grow my own business – and pray for the self-control to be a better steward of them. The Nativity Fast calls for increased prayer, stillness, attentiveness, and yes, joy – all of which I am starving for but too weak to pursue on my own. What a gift for the Church to intervene by guiding and supporting me along the narrow path toward peace, redemption and fullness. 

This afternoon, I am focusing on:  developing an “all, or at least something” approach to staying mindful of what matters most, praying through my smallest of decisions and interactions, staying on task, and being present for the person in front of me.  

This afternoon, I am also happy to unveil the brand new Molly Sabourin Photography website I’ve been slaving over!!

Bless you all, as you go about seizing the beauty and significance of this once-in-a-lifetime Monday! 


Make ready, O Bethlehem: let the manger be prepared, let the cave show its welcome. The truth has come, the shadow has passed away; born of a Virgin, God has appeared to men, formed as we are and making godlike the garment He has put on. Therefore Adam is renewed with Eve, and they call out: ‘Thy good pleasure has appeared on earth to save our kind’. 

- Orthodox Hymn