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“ 'A faithful friend is a strong defense’ (Ecclus 6:14); for when things are going well with you, he is a good counselor and a sympathetic collaborator, while when things are going badly, he is the truest of helpers and a most compassionate supporter.” St. Maximus the Confessor,  (Philokalia II).


These photos, and the people in them, mean a great deal to me. Thanks to the Larsens, the Provenzanos, Kara, Beth and Paige for their healing dose of love and generosity this weekend. I haven't laughed that hard in ages. My heart is aching a little tonight from unearthing seventeen years worth of treasured memories in the too brief span of two days. Life is precious, and fragile, and passes in the blink of eye. I miss you all so much already.


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