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It’s fall break around here and yesterday my parents rocked my world by taking all four of my kids, and my two nieces, out for the day and then back to their house for an overnight. Oh what to do, what to do with such a rare chunk of alone time? So as not to overwhelm myself with options (lunch with a friend? work on writing projects? organize the office? catch up on the correspondence I always wish I could better stay on top of?), I  decided to pick one project and see it through to its completion no matter how long it took. I thought about what had been stressing me out  most lately, and how I could best help myself, and my family, without spending money.

And what did I come up with?

Well, if you are not the squeamish type, I double dog dare you to see below:


Bee 4 


Oh mercy, it hurts to look at it. My laundry situation has been out of control for weeks, perhaps even months, now. Overflowing laundry baskets were jeering at me from bedrooms and bathrooms and from the s-c-a-a-a-r-y basement. ”You’re going down,” I told them, I sneered at them, late Wednesday night, and then I woke up Thursday morning with my game face on.


Bee 3 



“Goodbye, kids!”


Bee 1


Bee 2 

“Thanks again, mom and dad!!!” 


Cue the cheery cleaning music…oh wait, it’s already playing. Then gather the necessary tools:


Bee 5 


And spend the next eight hours switching laundry loads from the washer to the dryer, de-cluttering the laundry “room” or laundry area, I should say, and FOLDING every sock, shirt, boxer short, nightgown, pair of jeans, towel, and blanket in this house:


Bee 6 

What was my reward for all this tedious and unglamorous work?


I am giddy just thinking about it:


Bee 7 

I keep making excuses to walk  downstairs and gaze all over again at the non-mess. I feel inspired to go on and tidy a drawer, clear off my desk.  I feel revived, not from getting cool new stuff, or being praised, but simply from doing the best I could with what I’ve got - from finding beauty in even my damp and dingy basement, bee style.


Enjoy your weekend, my friends, and keep your sights on what is sweet and redemptive and good!

All my love to you!