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I'm no stranger to writing reflections (to be published on the Internet) on the downsides of the Internet (Hypocritical? Prooobably.), including the time robbing factor, the easy access to smut, the vicious chat room dialogues, those super annoying pop-up ads, and the overabundance of information being crammed into our heads so fast and so forcefully it's impossible to process it all. But I've still got Elder Paisios's bee on my mind (see last post), that buzzy, relentless goodness and beauty seeker. I've been thinking about you as well and the comments you've left, the e-mails you've sent, all so dear to me – I've devoured them. You have fed me. You've outstretched your hands when I've admitted to falling; you've pulled me up, picked the grass out of my teeth and gently pushed me forward. There's no denying the stinking mounds of crapiola within cyberspace but perhaps if there are enough of us determined to find, or better yet create, specks of  sweetness on which to land, this old Internet of ours, when approached prayerfully and cautiously,  just might have the potential to bring forth healing instead of harm.

If you have a moment, by the way, please jump on over to the Easter Christian New Media Awards site (Click on photo below):


and nominate your favorite Orthodox blog sites, Church websites, podcasts, etc. for a 2010 Eastern Christian New Media Award.  It's such a neat way to promote the uplifting side of the Internet and to express gratitude for the time and effort so many clergy members, monastics and lay people  alike have  devoted to educating and motivating us, their loyal readers (and/or listeners).

Anyhoo, all that to say thank you, for visiting me here, for offering me advice, for your prayers, your empathy, your friendship! I appreciate you. I love you. I'm better off because of your presence (both on and off-line)  in my life.