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“If only I had a better camera, and better lenses, a cuter camera bag, and my very own natural light studio (sigh), then…then I could swan dive into this dream of becoming a busy and prolific professional photographer.”


This pessimistic line of reasoning is the kind self-sabatoging that will keep me frozen in place if I’m not careful. Growth is born of resourcefulness and a refusal to focus on all that I’m lacking.  I’ve worked hard to develop an eye for beautiful light, an understanding of all the various settings on my SLR camera, my own distinct taste for creative compositions. When money is most certainly an object, there is nothing else to be done (or bought) but learn to trust in my vision, and God-given hunger for providing others with stunning visual mementos of precious moments and stages they’ve experienced as a family. It’s time to think outside the box, pull on my brave-girl pants and get creative! 


This afternoon, I still did not have the natural light studio I’ve been pining over so I did my best to block out my own naysaying and improvise:


Hmmm, what if I took advantage of the unseasonable warmth and late afternoon sunlight and played around with different unconventional backdrops at my disposal? My niece was over and she agreed to help me out by posing on a welcome mat in front of a card table I’d turned on its side. She did not find this arrangement strange in the least – yet another reason why kids are awesome. Then I pulled out my trusty Nikon and got to work.






Tonight I’m happy for having pushed myself to continue inching forward. It’s such a small thing, yet such a big fat important deal to me.