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Troy and mary



Troy and priscilla  

 Everything about this past weekend was deliciously Autumn. It's officially sweater weather out here:  cool, dry, dying leaf scented. Troy and my brother, Bobby, took our girls and my neices, Jane and Isabelle, to a father/daughter campout. Isn't that the sweetest? I heard  some serious four-wheeling took place followed  by smores and a bonfire. Elijah, Benji  and I, meanwhile…


Mom and boys 2


Mom and boys
stayed at my parents' house just for fun where we had our brand new niece, little Ann, all to ourselves!


Ben and ann




Ben and annie 2


 I also played Wii bowling for the first time ever and got totally and completely schooled by my boys…and my own mother.  Wii tennis? Forget about it.

We ate chili (or inhaled it, rather) – my FAVORITE:


and apple pie:


Apple pie

Then on Sunday, after Liturgy, I welcomed home my dirty, scruffy husband and daughters and  we all headed back to my parents' to celebrate Janie's 4th Birthday:

Jane b=day

Jane b-day 2

It's too bad her birthday candle was so small and dinky ; ) 

Finally, we headed home to get ready for a brand new school/ work week where we were greeted by this guy:


 After assuring Benjamin he was not a tarantula, we headed inside. The kids got showers, I started some laundry, made lunches for Monday, and then walked upstairs to find this tender moment taking place:

Hairdresser troy

which made me fall head over heels in love with my husband all over again. 

We brought out our down comforter and I crashed into bed at 9:30 pm. I woke up refreshed for a change (I've had some insomnia issues lately) and therefore much more prepared to absorb the unexpected, such as a phone call from the school nurse saying my son had accidently stapled his thumbs together. He's fine now, thank goodness and I'm fine -I didn't break out into hives or anything.  

I hope you all are pacing yourselves as well this morning, and praying along with me that God might, "teach us to treat all that comes to us throughout the day with peace of soul and the firm conviction that His will governs all." 


Peace to you!