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Maybe it’s because the house smells like crock pot chicken, or because I finally sorted through the kids’ clothes and de-cluttered their dresser drawers, that I am feeling especially thankful. There was awhile there when I seriously wondered if, by having four children, I’d bitten off way more than I could chew. The sleeplessness, the chaos, the laundry was going to completely do me in, I was sure of it. We’re always going, going, going, us mothers, putting out fires, cleaning up spills, crying behind locked bathroom doors. Every once in awhile, however, we are gifted with a moment of silence to reflect on how far we’ve come since those first shocking days when it began to sink in that this whole parenting gig was going to be demanding with a capital “D.”  Sometimes, we remember to lift our gaze up from off of the craziness and focus in for a minute on all that is good – so very, very good about our lives.  


Presently, my heart is swollen with an awareness of the extraordinary love pulsating with zest and vigor between these walls. It hasn’t always been pretty, and certainly not easy, but I believe we’ve made some great  strides as a family these last eleven years. There is nowhere else on earth I’d rather be, honest and true, than holed up here in Indiana with these five characters God deemed best to shape and challenge me, delight me, keep me always on my toes. We’re a quirky bunch, alright - just perfect for each other. It’s an amazing honor, if you stop and really think about it, to be a mom, or a dad – to be so needed. Oh yes, I remember now:  I am the queen of this here castle.

Lucky me.