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They didn’t technically have  time for an impromptu tea party, but who could resist those feety jamies?

I had work to do myself, me being behind in just about everything, and then I saw them – my niece and parents bathed in sunlight,

being silly. 

I did not resist the urge to pick up my camera. 

The best things about tea parties with two-year-olds is that calories don’t count, and giggling so hard you spit water out of your mouth is not rude or inappropriate. In fact, such hijinks only enhance the sweet frivolity of letting go and being present in the present. 

I’m glad I seized the opportunity to capture a snippet of true joy, true peace, true living. Joy, peace and such are rarely all up in my face;  I have to pull my gaze away from the trash littering my van, the extra five pounds I may or may not have accumulated since Christmas, my fear of dropping any number of balls, to actually “see” them.  

We are always getting ready to live but never living.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to justify ever slowing down, much less stopping and choosing to simply be in a moment. I’ve noticed lately, I’ve taken to running around directionless, creating more and more work for myself until I crash into my bed later than I should. And, ironically, all this “multi-tasking” is making me not so much productive as scattered and tired. 

Thus, this morning I have a hankering for a little more deliberateness in my life – for taking on only one thing at a time with my full attention instead of mentally or even physically escaping arduous challenges by distracting myself with yet another side project. 

My parents are really great, I think, at keeping the main thing the main thing.  They are wholeheartedly devoted to their vocation, holding their noses to the grindstone until the task at hand is completed, then purposefully refueling via shared nightly downtime… and the occasional tea party.

“You are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed”

—Luke 10:41-42

Today I pray for the discipline to pray, for continuous wisdom, guidance and sticktoitiveness.