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Dedicated to Papa and Nana.

 Thanks so much for being interested in even the mundane details of our lives!

We miss you.

Well, let's just go ahead and start with the trees, shall we? You knew I'd bring them up eventually. Here is what our street looks like now:

Heading home

  It has been cool, in the mid-60's. It's funny how impatient I get, once May rolls around, with temperatures below 72 degrees. The kids in our neighborhood are downright tired of waiting for summer. Wear a jacket? No way! Shorts and sandals have been unearthed from basement storage boxes. "Mom, can we play in the sprinkler?" asks my son every single afternoon. This week, I had to say, "No," much to his disappointment. I won't be able to hold him off for much longer.

Paper airplane
And speaking of Benjamin, he and Priscilla begged my mom and dad to take them to VIP night at their elementary school. They sold it as an evening for "Very Important Persons" (i.e. grandmas and grandpas) to get to meet teachers and see their loved ones' classrooms, maybe play a few games, etc. They failed to mention to my parents that there was a Book Fair involved – a great big fun enticing Book Fair. Guess who came home with new books? The one above is a guide to paper airplane making. Elijah's addicted to it.


On Monday, the kids discovered our strawberry plants were blooming. I didn't plant them (that's a real shocker) - they came with the house. It made me happy to see their pretty white flowers popping up so cheerily next to the garage.

Strawberry plant
Come July, Priscilla will devour the yummy fruit they produce by the handful


Produce. I try to buy our produce as much as possible from our neighborhood health food store. You have to order it, actually, by the box. This week, we got mangoes, pineapple, Romaine, red pepper and tomatoes.


I'm  committed to eating healthy, to making very wise choices about what I put into my body. I mean it's not always easy, but what could be more important than…


Hey! What the …? Fine, O.K… you caught me. This week, I went to the store for milk, bird seed and paper towels and left with this chocolate-ly sprinkled donut. I couldn't help it! It was calling out to me: "Molly! You ne-e-e-d me with your coffee!" This is embarrassing; let's just move on.


Feed the birds
So that birdseed I bought? It is specifically for finches but we've had cardinals and blue jays dining regularly at our feeder. I smile every time I see them on the branches of our tree. They're just amazing little creatures, aren't they?

My own kids aren't that into birdseed. On Tuesday, I fed them instead one of their new favorite meals consisting of flat bread, pizza sauce, cut up breakfast sausage, mozzarella cheese and whatever vegetables I can find in the refrigerator.

Now, ya'll, this dinner requires virtually no culinary skills whatsoever but it is one of the very few things I make that inspires my extremely picky Mary to declare, "Mama, you're such a good cooker!"

That Mary's a real character:

Jane and mary 3
This past Sunday she received a bag full of hand-me-downs from her friend, Emily.

New dress
This striped dress is one her favorites!

It can be challenging getting girls out the door for school in the morning, especially girly-girls like mine. I was proud of myself on Thursday for rigging these braids up for Priscilla in record time.

French braids

My very own Laura Ingalls Wilder, in hot pink capri pants.

Wednesday night, we went to Ben's, Priscilla's and my niece, Isabelle's soccer game:

Soccer 1


Soccer 2

Other highlights from our week include:

Getting cavities filled

Participating in Poetry Wednesday

My brother's dog, Lola, getting lost for a second in our neighborhood and Elijah and Isabelle finding her

Reading a book about fire safety that was supposed to instill confidence in children but instead made my four-year-old cry because fires are hot and scary.

Visiting the library twice

And finding out my sister-in-law, Paige, is going to be having another baby GIRL!

Her current adorable baby girl:

Jane and Mary 2

is not so sure that's a good thing. "Hers wanted a boy. Hmmph."

According to the ultrasound, everything looks great!

Oh, we're so relieved and thankful!


My, this is lengthy.

 I best commence with the packing. The Sabourin boys are leaving for a weekend camping trip tonight. The Sabourin ladies will be renting an "American Girl" movie, I am sure.

Peace to you!