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Ahh, well it seems we're ending this week on a high note. I'm wearing jeans and a sweater this morning instead of the pajama bottoms and stinky dirty fleecy vest that had become my sick and tired mama uniform Monday through Thursday. It's amazing what a shower and not having a migraine can do to improve your entire outlook on life. Here are some snapshots from the last seven days:

Week in review 3 
Meet my two new best friends: Generic Advil and Organic Throat Coat (thanks, Kris!).  I am taking them out for breakfast tomorrow to show my appreciation for all their hard work on my behalf.


Week in review 7
Miraculously, Mary was the only other Sabourin (so far) to succumb to the head crushing virus. It didn't keep her down for long though. Within 48 hours she was back on her scooter trying her best to keep up with her older sister.


Week in review 2

Wednesday night, because our cupboards were bare, we made the long trek to Costco for some industrial-sized containers of cashews, coffee, Cheerios and Oatmeal Cookie mix.


Week in review 6
Benjamin spent some special time with Troy, and Troy's hair clippers.


Week in review 1
The trees! I'm so sorry for being redundant but I just cannot get over them! They've all exploded with color now – the trees in our yard and our neighbors' yards!  I swear, they look good enough to eat.


Week in review 9
And speaking of eating, we totally took advantage of Dairy Queen's "buy one Blizzard, get one for a quarter" special going on through the 25th (Hurry! You only have two days left to devour big cups of ice cream mixed with Snickers Bars and not feel guilty about it… because it was such a GREAT DEAL!)

Week in review 4
Priscilla and Benjamin brought their spring school photos home. I'm not sure a flowery meadow is the best backdrop for scrappy seven-year-old boys. I still adore the pictures, of course. Just look at those sparkly smiles! : )

Week in review 8
A big bike storm hit our area. No one has any business leaving their homes or offices in the midst of one! They can inflict quite a bit of damage, I tell you.


Week in review 10 

Now the soldier's dreams changed. Often he dreamed that he walked in a cloud of butterflies. They shimmered with color, surrounding him so closely that they shielded him from the devil. When he awoke, he knew that the butterflies were the prayers of the poor.

Just today, I picked up my one my favorite children's books ever (for older children, that is – it's pretty intense) to read with Elijah called, "The Bearskinner: A Tale of the Brothers Grimm" It cut through some of the pettiness I've been battling lately.

 I was in need of a reality check.


And now I'm off to tidy up, and make lunch, and find a vase for the lone carnation Benji's teacher gave him (he can't remember why). Have a prayerful weekend, my friends – a weekend rich in patience and love.

Peace to you!