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Priss and mary

I took the above photo (I love the above photo) of Priscilla helping Mary ride Prissy's big bike about an hour before Mary came to me and said, "Mama, my eyes won't stay open. I think I need a nap."  (huh?) Sure enough, there was a reason for her strange behavior; my baby girl is down with a fever. She's caught whatever nastiness has kept me out of commission this week. I've got a feeling the rest of my kids will soon be falling down like dominoes.

Good thing I bought popsicles.

On a totally separate note, I want to direct your attention today to another blog called, There and Back Again, hosted by Beth and Jared Johnson . As some of you may know already, Beth is a member of our Poetry Wednesday community and a dear, dear friend to yours truly. Several years ago, Beth and her husband, Jared, went through a very difficult period while coming to terms with her infertility.  Since then, they have adopted three beautiful boys from South Korea and are in the process of adopting a daughter from Ethiopia. In her post yesterday, which happened to be the five year anniversary of her oldest son's homecoming, Beth published honestly and courageously some personal reflections on the private struggles she endured and the unexpected joy born out that pain. If you or anyone in your life has been affected by infertility, I urge you to read THIS.  Thank you, Beth, for sharing (oh so eloquently) your message of hope!