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Like the thief two


 The following poem was found on the body of a Russian soldier killed in
one of the fiercest battles with the Germans during World War II.

Listen, God… for never in my life before

Have I spoken with You, but today

I want to greet You. As You know,

From childhood I was always told

That You do not exist…

And I so stupidly believed it.


I never gazed at your creations, but tonight

I looked out from a crater dug by a grenade

At the starry sky above me; and I understood

Quite suddenly, while marveling at the

How cruel a lie can be.


I don’t know, God, if You will stretch Your
hand to me?

But I will tell You and You’ll understand

Is it not marvelous that amid this fiery hell

I’ve suddenly seen the light of knowing You?


That’s all I have to say. Just one more

I’m glad that I have come to know You.

At midnight we are set for an attack,

Yet I’m not scared: You’re looking down upon


The signal… Well, I must be off…

How wonderful to talk to You… And I just want
to add

That, as You know, the battle will be fierce,

And so perhaps this very night

I will come knocking on Your door.


And though I have not been Your friend

Will you allow me to come in?…

But I am crying… O my God… You see,

My eyes have opened to the light.


Farewell, my God… I’m off… and hardly will

strange… but death now holds no fear for me at all.


Remember us, O Lord, in Thy Kingdom!

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