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It all started Sunday afternoon when my husband noticed our outside spigot was leaking. Being the responsible guy he is, he went to the basement to turn off our water- to figure out the cause of the drip, drip, dripping. Then, uh-oh, much to his dismay, Troy, when attempting to turn the water back on, realized the valve, that ancient, rusty, fickle water valve, was broken. And from there…oh my goodness, what a disaster!

Uh oh - 2

 I won't get in to all the unbelievable details because, frankly, they make my head spin. All I know, or care to know, presently, is that 24 hours, two plumbers, six city workers and a massive hole in our front yard later, that troublesome valve has finally been fixed. Welcome back to our home, wet, wonderful WATER (Yes, you can flush the toilet now my darlings)! I sincerely apologize, from the bottom of my heart, for ever taking you for granted! 

What a day.