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February, when the days of winter seem endless and no amount of wistful recollecting can bring back any air of summer. – Shirley Jackson


Our children's librarian was on a mission. I watched her weaving through the aisles pulling display books from off the top of shelves with purpose – one here, two there. "I'm sick of snow!" she told me, by way of explanation. All the books in her arms, the books she was intent on removing, were wintery with covers featuring stark white icy landscapes. Her plan? To replace them with flowery books, summery looking books. "I want to see green!" she announced. I nodded, in full agreement.

 Last week at Walmart, I bought the springiest wreath I could find (on clearance, of course) and displayed it boldly on our front door. It looks ridiculous, I admit it, so delicate and pastel against the harshness of the brown slush and grey skies. "Well, that's wishful thinking," commented my mother when she stopped by. We were hit with another several inches of snow overnight. I'm thinking warm thoughts, sunny thoughts, short-sleeve shirt thoughts in an attempt to keep the cold weather blues at bay.  Oh, February, how you test my resolve to stay cheerful! 

Thank goodness for puzzles, Play-doh and "The A-to Z Mysteries" book series!   Hooray for lovely Linda from our parish (St. Elizabeth's) who yesterday turned our church basement into a Pysanky egg making studio for all ages! Each Sunday now, until Pascha, our whole family can look forward to working on our colorful and fragile, one-of-a-kind, creations! Three cheers for bubbly baths, great books and despair defying podcasts. And then there are those good friends who make you laugh and remember that life is comprised of seasons (hot, frigid, pleasant, trying) – seasons that pass, that come and go. 

Then there's coffee.

You know, I just might make it to April, when life and hope will be Resurrected, after all.

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