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Put out the fire


O.K., ya'll, after Wednesday's creek mishap and yesterday's window fiasco (the fiasco in which my youngest son pressed his back up against our living room picture window while trying to push the couch in front of it forward, thus shattering the glass – without cutting himself…whew! – and nearly giving his poor mother a heart attack), I am relieved to say we are back on track and no worse for the wear. Elijah's legs have thawed, the gaping hole in our wall has been covered up with plastic (classy!), and the "Glass Doctor" will be calling this afternoon with an estimate on a brand new window. For the time being, all fires have been snuffed out.

It's funny, isn't it? How those potential scenarios we lose sleep over rarely ever come to fruition – how most of the time, life throws us curve balls we never saw coming, would never have even thought to try and prepare for. Weeks like this one remind me to let go (Be Gone, you late night worries, you unyielding personal agendas!) and be eternally minded. Because in the l-o-o-o-n-g run those unexpected trials and interruptions, how we respond to them, how we either trust or not trust that Christ is in them, are what will, ultimately, either strip us of our burdensome passions or leave us blind and bitter.

Thank you so much to Emily and Jennifer (both remarkable photographers, by the way) for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Thank you to any and everyone who reads this blog, and encourages me, makes me laugh, feel less alone, through your comments and own on-line reflections! 

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