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There is a photography term I've learned recently called, Bokeh. Bokeh, according to Wikipedia, refers to, … the blur, or the æsthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image, or the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light. I am intrigued by Bokeh, trying often as of late to experiment with the capturing of it. I love how the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, blurriness in a photo makes even crisper and clearer the object or objects being emphasized in the foreground. The picture above was taken across from a cornfield about two miles from our house. I like the way the focus on these wispy, dried out weeds (are they weeds?) softens the field and trees behind them creating an illusion of depth – insinuating miles, acres, of open, untrodden space. I am fascinated by how an isolated image, peered at out of context, can defy time and place, reality, setting in motion one's imagination as they conjure up guesses as to what lies outside the confines of the photo's borders. Only I know, as the photographer, the apprehender of this specific 4×6 inch rectangular landscape, that in that actual spot you can hear cars zipping past, see baseball fields if you turn your head only slightly to the right. My familiarity with the whole of that location makes my personal observing of this "mysterious" snapshot even sweeter.  

This weekend I had the unusual privilege of being presented with multiple opportunities for becoming more acquainted with not places, but people. On Friday, there was book club, on Sunday afternoon, a lengthy coffee hour following Divine Liturgy; Sunday evening, I thoroughly enjoyed a full-on "ladies night out" (Thank you, dear husband, for all that solo parenting you performed without an uttered syllable of complaint).  There is something so always surprisingly fulfilling about spending time getting to know others better, of breaking through the restrictive barriers of "first impressions" and experiencing directly the assorted histories, senses of humor, convictions, and relatable insecurities beyond, beneath, beside them. Seriously, how exceptionally marvelous is the budding of truly edifying friendships? 

It is not poetry Wednesday, but I'm afraid that Kris, who introduced me to this whole concept of regularly  searching for and reading all kinds and styles of perceptive verse, has transformed me into a sort of poem posting monster. I'd like to leave you this morning with the following reflections of one Richard Lloyd Cederberg. I'd be very interested, by the way, in seeing some of your own favorite poems! Please join us by featuring poetry on your blogs each Wednesday and sharing a link to it on Kris's site. Blessings to you,  my old and new "compeers"! May this afternoon be peaceful and somewhat productive for all of us! 

Moved by another…

How inscrutable, 
To absorb another’s thoughts 
And let them move us 

Words born in conflict, 
Given a form with substance, 
Words crying rivers, 
Which reveal or apportion 
Livings innermost secrets 

The essence of a hearts most 
Reflective insights 

Experience, with letters 
Gathered together, 
Writing what’s in us to write, 
Sharing what’s in us to share 

Stress tested living, 
Heartbreak and magic pebbles 
Mixed as a potion 

To be ingested 
As pure life-giving water 
Sating us with hope 

Accepting what is, 
Standing against what we fear, 
A bridge between souls 
Unlocking the gratefulness 
That celebrates a compeer 

What lies beyond: 47 of 465