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My niece, Isabelle

I didn't know it would go up today or else I surely would have waited to update this blog. I would have waited in order to feature it prominently, right here. But alas I didn't know and didn't wait; I found out just now it was available for downloading thus necessitating two "Close to Home" posts within 24 hours. I can assure you though, it is totally worth it!

A couple of months ago, I rented a film, kind of spur of the moment, I had heard was good but was somewhat skeptical about. I made Troy watch it with me and…well, all I can say is that it moved us both deeply. The very next night I saw it again with my sister-in-law, Paige, who agreed that the film left you longing to be a better person – a sensation I hadn't experienced from a movie in a long, long time. Paige and I begged my brother, Bobby, to watch it, hoping he'd consider it potential fodder for his Orthodox Movie Goer. He did just that (thank you, Bob!), and when I finally listened to the podcast, less than an hour ago, I was blown away by how he weaved so seamlessly his and Paige's recent tragedy with the story line of the film. I heard about the death of their baby, about the funeral, about all of it for the first time from his perspective and I longed immediately to share his reflections with you!

Click HERE, my friends, to the hear the podcast in its entirety (What's the film? Aha! You'll have to listen to find out!).  I hope it brings you peace today and renewed determination to love, love, love your neighbor.