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Troy eric

Those of you who used to visit my old Snapshot of the Day blog from time to time might remember me mentioning Troy's cousin, Erik, a musician who performs under the name of Cedarwell. He stops through Chesterton on occasion on his way to and from shows across the Midwest. Wednesday night he and a band mate crashed in our attic and then yesterday morning ate breakfast with Troy and me before heading to New York and then ultimately Europe for a month long tour.

 I enjoy watching my husband interact with his extended family. They are unusually tight and supportive of one another's various interests and endeavors. I could tell Troy and Erik genuinely cherished what little time they were able to spend together. "How lovely," I thought, while sipping coffee and listening to them share with each other condensed updates on their lives. Of course, before Erik left, I shoved a camera in both of their faces. I love this photo! 

We Sabourins are all big fans of Cedarwell! Erik's song are so melodic and lyrically rich. Seriously, I dare you to try and get "Burn up the Sky," performed beautifully in the video below, out of your head or to not be moved and totally captivated by THIS one. It's good, good stuff!

On the health front, Mary and Elijah seem much better but now Priscilla has come down with a slight fever and oh my, the drama! That Prissy's a real character – my own miniature Scarlett O'Hara (How will I ever go on if I miss tomorrow's spelling test?!). 

Take care of yourselves, friends, and your own under the weather babies! 

Cedarwell – Burn Up The Sky:Which One? from LaundroMatinee on Vimeo.

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