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Mary swing

 Against my better judgement, I said, "sure," when she asked me to swing her. Yes, she was feverish and queasy but this house – it was starting to smell/feel/taste like an infirmary. A breath of fresh air seemed liked a spectacular idea to both of us. 

So far I'm footloose and symptom-free! I tried to take advantage of this against all odds state of affairs by madly washing clothes and scrubbing toilets – whenever I wasn't fetching glasses of orange juice, taking temperatures and adjusting blankets for those on the "sick sofa," that is.   

There's a real feeling of camaraderie around here I find heartening and optimistic, like maybe we are, as a whole, linked together by more than just status updates and clever tweets after all. My neighbors have been calling to check in, compare notes. "Do you need anything?" I've been asked a total of three times this afternoon by fellow moms with their own sick children running out to pick up milk, prescriptions, popsicles at the grocery store. How satisfying, like way more fulfilling than new boots or iPhone apps, is sharing your day-to-day life with others, being a part of something bigger than your own self, your own worries. I forgot that for a minute and am very grateful for the reminder. 

It's time that me and my grungy self (oh yeah, I am a real treat to look at right now) snuggled up on the couch with my husband. Thank you so much for your prayers! I think we are starting to turn a corner around here. Blessings to you!!

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