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Jane birthday dress

When Jane was born, I drove with my parents to Chicago to meet her.  I remember it was late, dark. When we walked into the hospital room I saw my sister-in-law, Paige, (from her bed) glowing. My brother was beaming. He held out a bundle of blanket and skin, newborn skin sporting delicate lips, beady eyes and a tiny nub of an upturned nose. "Well, good gracious," I thought instantly, "this baby is beautiful!" 

Jane turned three this week. The other day she stopped by our house in this birthday crown and lovely gown. "Oh, Janie," I told her truthfully, "you look like a princess!" She's one of those kids you just can't stop smiling at. I get a kick out of everything she says, the way she replaces her "L's" with "Y's." "Come back here, Yoya!" Jane yells to, Lola, my brother's dog. Jane hates jackets, right now, and socks with shoes (she is in serious denial of our new cooler Fall weather) but adores her cousins, Cinderella and Polly Pockets. 

This photo of my niece (number 4 of 365) entitled, Birthday Girl, makes me happy because in it she is so happy – happy just because. May God grant you many, many years, little Janie! We sure do love you!