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This, is one tired, cranky, stubborn little girl – not napping:

Mary portrait

And here is me (note my less than amused expression), working hard on remedying that intolerable situation:

Marymom portrait
It would eventually require two books, twelve songs, ten minutes of back scratching and one last blanket and sheet adjustment for her to settle down enough, to stop whimpering enough, for her furrowed brow to relax enough to allow sleep to first entice and then overtake her. A-h-h-h, the peaceful silence. 
Hours later she descends the staircase, face puffy, hair static-y, and oh so sweet.   She burrows her head into my chest and I forget in an instant all the frustration I could scarcely contain before – before she kissed me on the cheek and twinkled those huge, now rested, hard to resist blue eyes at me. 
Today is Mary's fourth birthday. I can't imagine, can hardly remember, our life without or before her.