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I turned thirty-five-years-old on Saturday (Thirty-five?!). Guess what I got? Guess! Do you give up? 

Birthday 9
TROY!!!!! For the weekend!
He arrived late, late, late on Friday. When the kids woke up in the morning and found their dad in his own bed, they were elated!
I thought initially that having him visit would be hard on us. I was afraid we'd get too sad when Sunday rolled around and he left us again for another three weeks. But I was wrong, friends! It was great, refreshing, to get to hug him and tell him face-to-face about school, play practice, new friends. 
Since the occasion was pretty darn special we decided to forgo our usual Honey-nut Cheerios and go out for breakfast – like at a real restaurant.
Birthday 10  
"Yes, please," Troy and I said, each time we were offered more coffee by our waitress. We were tired but determined to squeeze every drop of enjoyment that we possibly could from our brief reunion. 
There were gifts in Troy's bag (way cool T-shirts) for all of us:
Birthday 6
Birthday 8
Birthday 7
Birthday 5
Birthday 4
There was a birthday celebration for Troy, Mary and me:
Birthday 3
Birthday 2
Troy took Ben on in multiple games of UNO, played Polly Pockets with Mary, read with Priscilla and joined Elijah on the trampoline:
Birthday 11
This morning we went to Liturgy as a family. This afternoon we took Mary to her pre-school Open House. Before we knew it, the weekend was over and it was time, once again, to say goodbye:
Birthday 13
Birthday 12
Of course we teared up; we'll miss him terribly. But it was good and comforting to realize that we are officially half-way there. This process has been stretching but also sweet in that it has forced us to look up from our hectic, busy, busyness and really appreciate one another. It will be awhile, I guarantee you, before I take for granted the wonderfulness of having my husband around to help, to make me laugh, to back me up when I discipline the children. That Troy, he sure is a keeper! : )