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Trampoline 1

Trampoline 2

Trampoline 3

Trampoline 4

I don't know what it is like for you all but around here a house without a Wii, a swimming pool (the non-blow-up kind) and/or cable television is a house not often visited by the neighborhood kids. For a variety of reasons I won't go into (my alloted blogging time is too limited and precious for tangents), we have zero of the above and thus my own children have often lamented the fact that, "Nobody ever wants to come over – it's too b-o-r-i-n-g!"  While I am hardly sympathetic to many of their complaints (most of them involving chores, which they feel are cruel, unnecessary and hazardous to their health), this one seemed to me a tad more legitimate. The older they get (Elijah is turning 11?!), the more I long for the type of home where my kids and their friends feel welcome and safe. Maybe I'm being over protective, but  I would much rather have them around me than out in the ambiguous "there." I still have plenty of moments where the noise and bickering make me feel certain I will soon EXPLODE, but over all I have been pleasantly surprised (gosh, that sounds horrible : ) ) by how much I truly enjoy their company. 

Troy and I both believed that saving up for something "Whoa cool, look what the Sabourins have!" worthy would be a positive use of our resources and effort. We wanted the item in question to be fun for all of them -from our youngest to our oldest, to lure them outside as much as possible, and to not shed or pee on our floors. I'd had my eye for awhile on this sturdy, "Spring-free Trampoline," but it was way out of our budget and so we toyed with other ideas, none of which met all of the criteria listed above. While talking recently with my next-door neighbor, however, I discovered that she also was interested in a trampoline for her daughter – but not a cheapy one. Next thing I knew, we were pooling our money together to purchase the original super-duper trampoline I wanted and, Ta-da! it finally arrived – thank you to my husband and Paige's brother, Zach, for putting it all together! 

Hip hip hooray for a bouncified summer!