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So I am pretty certain I have mentioned this video on my blog before – a video created by a young Orthodox Christian woman from Latvia I found on YouTube, featuring a section of a podcast I wrote and read for Ancient Faith Radio over a year ago. I was and still am entranced by the photos she chose to accompany the piece. They give me goosebumps to tell you the truth. I went back to YouTube recently to check it out again and discovered that some interesting discussions have been brewing there regarding faith and salvation. I am posting the video here in the hope that it might provide a bit of clarity to those who are not familiar with Orthodoxy and are unsure what Orthodox Christians mean when they refer to salvation as a "process" rather than a one time, instantaneous event. Please do understand that I am by NO means a theologian or expert (I would be happy to point you in the direction of some individuals who could more thoroughly and articulately explain the teachings of Orthodox Christianity), just a gal ( a slow learner!) who can't seem to contain her ever increasing gratitude, wonder, joy and relief at having discovered within this Ancient Faith both her purpose and potential through Christ Jesus and His Church. 

Therefore, casting out of our souls all faithlessness, sloth, and hesitation, let us draw near with all our heart, with unhesitating faith and burning desire, like slaves who have been newly purchased with precious blood. In deed, with reverence for the price paid on our behalf, and with love for our Master Who paid it, and as having accepted His love for us, let us recognize that, if He had not wished to save by means of Himself us who have been purchased, He would not have come down to earth, nor would He have been slain for our sake. But, as it is written, He has done this because He wills that all should be saved. Listen to Him say it Himself: 'I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world' (Jn. 12:17). St. Symeon the New Theologian, On the Mystical Life, Vol. 1