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This weekend felt full and productive – worth documenting. As you may or may not know by now, my family and I are bucking all kinds of present day, every man for himself, social norms by teaming up with my parents and  investing in a home and life we will all share together. Oh and did I mention my brother and his family will be living around the corner? We’re just community-ing it up, pulling together our resources and planting ourselves for the long haul in this neighborhood we’ve grown to cherish over the last six years. The past two weeks, my mom and I have been knocking ourselves out getting the kids’ new rooms finished while they were in school. Saturday morning we surprised them with the finished products. Click on the link below to see Benji’s sweet reaction:

Later that day Troy and I painted our master bedroom a restful shade of blue-ish gray. My plan is to replicate THIS room as closely as possible, including the framed prints of black and white branches over the bed. I shot and edited these photos for that very purpose:

While Troy and I were busy being home improvement weekend warriors, the kids found this little guy:

They named him Skittles and wanted to keep him. “Oh please mom,” they begged, “let us keep him!” I was tempted, because he was awfully cute, and I’m a card-carrying softie, but then I remembered the mouse we tried to keep as a pet. Do I even need to tell you that it was me, only me, who ended up cleaning his stinky cage every week? In the end, I came to my senses and we released him next to a swamp.

Saturday, the 17th, was the 17th wedding anniversary of my brother and sister-in-law. Congratulations, Bobby and Paige! I love you both, and your three beautiful daughters! Isabelle and Jane kept us company for much of the weekend in their St. Patrick’s day finest:

If you weren’t wearing green in our neck of the woods, there was pinching involved. Having forgotten that tradition, I was almost in danger of being harassed all of Saturday in my red workout pants and grey t-shirt – until Priscilla saved me, that is, by placing a neon green chip clip in my hair. 

Let’s see, there was also March Madness. We all filled out brackets this year: 

I have no earthly idea how I’m fairing. Not so good, I’d imagine. Mary, on the other hand, made some surprisingly accurate predictions. She’s a daddy’s girl after all. Basketball schmasketball, if only sports didn’t make me glaze over so. I’m glad I have Troy to keep my kids active. Yay for dads, and moms, who lure their children out of doors to kick a ball, swing a bat, or just run till they drop into bed all dirt-smudged and sweaty!

This morning at Divine Liturgy, we venerated the Cross and installed our new parish council.


 I adore church, honest to goodness. What a beautiful service – such a powerful reminder of what matters: faith, love and sacrifice. I adore the people in our congregation, my church family. I adore making pysanky eggs at coffee hour. I feel braver after liturgy, and peaceful, content. I feel excited for Pascha.

Forgive my rambling throughout this post – this hodge podge of staccato narratives. Tonight, I felt drawn to count my blessings. Oh how many blessings I have to ponder! Tonight I lie down in peace, because the Lord sustains me. Sweet dreams, all!