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We’d  been excited all afternoon, well for weeks really. A milestone was upon us, one of those significant events that invoke wonder at how far one has come down a path the twists and turns of which they couldn’t have even fathomed at the beginning.  Last night, I observed my father, brother, husband working together to give birth to a dream of my dad’s – my dad whose faith I felt a renewed awe for remembering back on how his decision to convert to Orthodox Christianity carried with it the weight of risk and all kinds of uncertainties about his future. 

 Who’d have thought that that leap of faith would turn into a whole new vocation for our family? Who’d have imagined that a passion for broadcasting could spark a crazy idea (“Internet Radio,” he told us. “Huh?” we replied) that would blossom and multiply when offered back to Christ, like the widow’s mite or a simple lunch of bread and fish?

Ancient Faith Radio has evolved since Dec. 1st, 2004 from a humble PC on the back porch playing borrowed CDs of Orthodox Hymns into a two stream – one “talk”, one “music” – full on station featuring 60 different podcasts, specials, interviews, and now, as of Monday evening, a Live call-in program called Ancient Faith Today that will air two Sundays a month at 7:00 pm central. Admittedly, I take it for granted most of the time how much love, sweat and tears have gone into this ministry that has consumed the lives of my parents, and now brother. I couldn’t help but get emotional, however, witnessing their small team energetically producing a groundbreaking undertaking for Orthodox Radio involving a host in California, guests and callers from all over, and engineered in Indiana while my nieces and own children played quietly in the same room. It was a heart warming scene.

All that to say, I am thankful – thankful for the example of my mother and father who nervously prayed ”Thy Will Be Done” and meant it;  thankful for the perfect and mysterious will of God;  and thankful for you who have supported Ancient Faith Radio - financially, by word of mouth and through your own prayers.  It means the world to us, truly. May the beauty and Truth of Orthodox Christianity be spread and spread and spread from here to there to everywhere by our collective peace of soul, sacrificial love of others and the sharing of our varied gifts and talents.