Posted by on May 11, 2012 in Reflections | 5 comments

I tend to consume myself with the big – big decisions, big scenarios, big events – but it’s the little things that will ultimately save me. Since the vast majority of my life is made up of simple moments  strung together, it would be foolish not to throw myself - heart, mind and spirit - more into the present smaller details than the hugeness of tomorrow’s uncertain possibilities. My children are fantastic at reveling in the moment, as most children are, so this week I’ve been capturing the “little things” they cherish. And I took a long walk by myself without mentally rushing through it, and asked my mother to teach me (for the 30th time) to knit, and lingered at the dinner table, and made paper bag puppets with my son for his class project, and in general tried not to live ahead of myself. I am much less anxious here in the now. Only here in the now can I seize hold of the peace of Christ.  


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