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“White is a non-color,” I heard my son tell his sister.

“Oh, I don’t think that’s true,” I said.

“Yep, it is.” He shot back. “White’s not even in rainbows, so…”

So there. It was an airtight argument, and I was busy with housework -

much too busy for splitting hairs with a bright eyed nine-year-old.  

I’ll expand here, however (now that I’ve got upwards of 15 free minutes on my hands),

on my conviction that white is indeed a vivid color, a true and vibrant color.

When I think of white I think of purity, blank slates, light reflected, victory over darkness.

And I think of priestly vestments being changed from lenten purple to an anticipatory white on Holy Saturday.

White as joy, white as love, white as faith in the Resurrection. White as bravery, as action…

“…cowardice is very comfortable and obliging in associating with other passions. It knows very well how to make friends with them. Cowardice settles deep in our souls like the idle mists on stagnant waters. From it arises unhealthy vapors and deceiving phantoms. The thing that cowardice fears most is decision; for decision always scatters the mists, at least for a moment. Cowardice thus hides behind the thought it likes best of all: the crutch of time. Cowardice and time always find a reason for not hurrying, for saying, ‘Not today, but tomorrow’, whereas God in heaven and the eternal say: ‘Do it today. Now is the day of salvation.’ “

- Soren Kierkeegard

Peace and courage to you!

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